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Steak Mince (450g)

Steak Mince (450g)


£12.50 per Kg

Our steak mince is extra lean. Perfect for lasagne, chilli con carne or for making your own homemade meatballs or burgers. Our steak mince is highly trimmed beef steak which we finely mince. This is very lean and a great choice for a reduced fat diet.

  • Minimum Weight


  • Supplied

    Supplied vacuum packed, suitable for home freezing

  • Hints and Tips

    Great for meatballs and burgers, just add an egg to bind and your favourite herbs and spices. For a more open texture, try adding some porridge oats.

    If you're adding onions or shallots, remember to gently sweat them until they're transparent before adding to your mix. Good luck!

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