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Round Stewing Steak (450g)

Round Stewing Steak (450g)


£16.25 per Kg

This flavoursome beef cut is ideal for slow cooking braising, casseroles or stewing - it's full of flavour!

  • Pack Contains

    This is ideal for braising, casseroles or stewing - full of flavour!
  • Minimum Weight


  • Supplied

    Supplied vacuum packed  suitable for home  freezing

  • Hints and Tips

    Best cooked at a medium heat for 1.5 - 2 hours, the lower the temperature the more flavour you will get when it is served. The meat should easily separate with the edge of a fork when fully cooked.

    By coating the meat with flour and placing in the hot oil or butter gives a rich caramelised seal to the meat. When the stock is added this rich meat flavours the gravy and a gentle simmer concentrates these flavours. Try adding some interesting flavours and enjoy them absorbed through the meat as it falls to pieces in your mouth.

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