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If you're looking to buy pork online, we offer our best selling pork cuts for nationwide delivery.

We've been pork butchers for more than a century, so we know what we're looking for when it comes to quality. Our grandfather and his brothers were both farmers, butchers and fishmongers back in 1916. So their experience of both farming and butchery has carried through our family to make Murdoch's an established family butcher you can trust.

All our fresh pork is specially selected by us for flavour and tenderness.


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Murdoch's offer a range of bacon online available for nationwide delivery.

We're proud to make our own dry-cured bacon, it's our speciality! We believe the best results can only be achieved when this age-old tradition is applied by hand. The Murdoch recipe and method has been handed down through our family for generations, and we're still proud to practice this craft today.

Our blend of curing salts and the craft of the hand-curing process means it doesn't disappear when you cook it! We think it's best lightly crisped on the edges with lashings of tomato ketchup! We've specially selected the best smoked back bacon we can find to offer you a complete range.


Free Delivery on all orders over £135 (Minimum order for delivery £30) More info >

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