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Braising Steak  (450g)

Braising Steak (450g)

1 Kilogram

£15.82 per kg
This cut has quite a course grain resulting in slight separation of the meat fibres once fully cooked, making it very good at absorbing flavours and retaining moisture. Perfect for slow cooking, braising and casseroles.

  • Pack Contains

    Our braising shoulder steak is very highly trimmed for the health conscious and full of flavour. Braise or casserole.

  • Minimum Weight

  • Supplied

    Supplied vacuum packed suilable for home freezing.

  • Hints and Tips

    Low and Slow Cooking

    By coating the meat with flour and placing in the hot oil or butter gives a rich caramelised seal to the meat. When the stock is added this rich meat flavours the gravy and a gentle simmer concentrates these flavours. Try adding some interesting flavours and enjoy them absorbed through the meat as it falls to pieces in your mouth.

    As all beef cuts, this works goes very well with root vegetables and steamed greens.

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