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Oatmeal White Puddings (Mealies) - Pack of 8

Oatmeal White Puddings (Mealies) - Pack of 8


£8.22 per kg

A traditional Scottish side or stuffing from the North East. Made with oatmeal, onions, beef suet and seasoning. Perfect paired with beef casserole or poultry dishes as a side serving.

  • Pack Contains

    4 x 2 White puddings  (8 in total)

  • Minimum Weight

    720g (1lb 9oz)

  • Supplied

    The puddings are in synthetic skins, these are not edible. They come vacuum packed and are suitable for home freezing.

  • Hints and Tips

    Perfect served as a side with beef casserole or roast poultry dishes. The suet melts during cooking meaning that it's ideal as a stuffing to carry flavour through the meat.

    Can be microwaved (remove synthetic skins first), or place in a pan of simmering water and remove from skins before serving. Fork through before serving.

  • Allergens


  • Ingredients

    Oatmeal, suet, onion, salt, spices

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