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Haggis Pudding (3 sizes)

Haggis Pudding (3 sizes)

PriceFrom £3.96

£8.80 per kg

Traditional Scottish haggis made to our Murdoch family recipe. We've been making haggis for almost 100 years.

  • Size Options Available

    450g (1lb)

    660g (1.5lb)

    1.35kg (3lb)

  • Supplied

    Over-wrapped in a tray containing one haggis pudding in a synthetic skin. Suitable for home freezing.

  • Cooking Instructions

    Wrap with foil and place into a pan of boiling water. Bring back to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes per 450g, fork through and check piping hot throughout before serving.

    Alternatively, haggis is suitable to cook in the microwave. Remove from the synthetic casing and transfer to a microwave-safe container with a lid. Heat on full for up to 6 minutes per 450g (or follow your appliance guide). Remember to remove half way to fork through, and repeat once more before serving.

  • Allergens


  • Ingredients

    Lamb offal, beef, lamb fat, oatmeal, onion, water, salt, spices.

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