Boneless Turkey Breast (Supplied Frozen)

Boneless Turkey Breast (Supplied Frozen)


£13 per kg
Specially selected boneless turkey breast crown freshly prepared and frozen by us, with no added water. Tender turkey breast with the bone removed for easy carving and no waste!

  • Weight Options Explained: Minimum Weight Pricing

    The weight options available are priced as the minimum weights for the size range in kilograms (kg)

    Smallest: 1.25  - 1.5 (approx 3lb)
    Medium:  2 - 2.2 (approx 4.75lb)
    Large: 2.2-2.5 (approx 5.5lb)
    Extra Large: 5 (approx 11lb)

    So, you may end up with a slightly larger turkey joint than you ordered, but you won't pay any more for it.  We've based our prices on the smallest weight for your size range.

  • Supplied

    Your turkey breast will be supplied frozen and vacuum packed. It will be suitable for home-freezing provided it is not defrosted.
    If you defrost it fully, you will need to cook it within 24 hours. 



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